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Nokia PC Suite Download. Nokia PC Suite is the most popular computer software. We can use our Nokia phone on our PC. There are a lot of options & functions in it. Many people use this software to transfer files photos and videos between computers and mobile. The Nokia PC Suite works on both new and old Nokia phones and it can work across a number of PC platforms as well. In this post, you can download the Nokia PC Suite For Laptop.

download nokia pc suite for laptop

Internet Using Nokia PC Suite For Laptop

You can use your mobile internet connection on your laptop. There are two ways to connect first is using Bluetooth or Infrared & the second is using a data cable. This is your choice of which method you use to connect your mobile to your laptop. We recommended using a data cable because the cable connection is faster than Bluetooth. Data transfer speed is faster than Bluetooth connection.

Messaging Through Nokia Suit

Nokia PC Suite is the best way to read or send messages using the computer. You can send & receive messages from this software without any time-wasting. We can also delete message history and inboxes from the computer. The update Software update tool is the most useful tool in Nokia Suite we can update our mobile phone software from the Nokia suite. If you have already installed software recently you can check for the latest version. Backup and restore the best way to Backup or Restore your mobile data is the Nokia Suit Backup & Restore tool. We can create a backup of all our mobile data such as Contacts, Photos, video applications, and others using Nokia PC Suite software. If your data was deleted you can restore it.


Music and videos can also play music and videos from a mobile on a computer using a PC Suit. If you want to transfer videos & audio then you can do this through Nokia PC Suite For Laptop. Features:

  • Converts movies to video formats.
  • Manage contents of your phone on your PC and transfer files between the PC and your device;
  • Make a backup of your phone on your PC;
  • Updates synchronized information in the PC and the phone.
  • Synchronize data between your phone and PC, including contacts, calendar items, and emails;
  • Send text messages from your computer;
  • Update phone software;
  • Supports connectivity option via four options, USB, infrared, Bluetooth, and serial cable.
  • USB is the most recommended for fast and speedy transfer of files.
  • Once connected to the computer all the phone features are enabled on the PC.

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