Typing Master For PC

Download Typing Master For PC. Typing Master is a great application that gives you a practical idea about how can you easily type on your computer. If you are a beginner then this typing software will help you to overmaster the typing on a computer or laptop keyboard. You can also exercise by using a keyboard drill in order to learn new and efficient ways to use the keys on the keyboard.

Download Typing Master For Laptop

You learn the home keys and how to type efficiently while not looking at the keyboard, which is what touch typing is all about. The software uses a virtual keyboard to illustrate proper finger movement and timed typing tests to evaluate your typing speed.

Satellite Feature In Typing Master For PC

The standout feature of this typing test software is what the application calls Satellite. When enabled, this tool analyzes your typing while you use computer applications outside of Typing MasterPC, evaluating your typing skills while you perform everyday computer tasks. The tool then identifies keys, words, and letter chains that are problem areas for you and suggests exercises to improve them. You can also choose any drill and test in the software to work on a specific typing weakness.


Features Of Typing Master

  •  An impressive application that will help you improve your typing speed.
  • Provides you with different courses and tests so that you can learn about the correct hand position as well as other tricks.
  • Incorporates three different types of courses, the touch typing course, speed building courses and numbers, special marks, and 10 keypad courses.
  • The touch typing course covers 12 lessons about the letter keys and general punctuation.
  • The speed-building course provides 6 lessons focusing on the keys of each of your finger presses.
  • Can take a test of every lesson and assess your progress.
  • Got a challenging exercise called word drill that will generate words made up of the keys already learned in order to increase the typing speed as well as fluency.
  •  Games section that will provide you with a funny environment for improving your typing skills.
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