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Ludo Star 2 APK Download. Ludo Star 2 is a free video game designed for Android Phones. You can play games with your friends, family or computer. Ludo Star 2 Board Game is the application game of Ludo. It offers three game modes. You can play with people around the world or with your friends on Facebook. All you have to do is collect as many stars as you can and become a star ludo. The game consists of four players in red, green, blue, and yellow. The rules are simple. Each player receives 4 tokens, which are required to make a complete turn of the board and make it to the final line. It is very popular in Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.

Overview Of Ludo Star 2

The Ludo Star 2 APK is popular with people of all ages because it is really fun to play. You can play it at any time after the family dinner or after the wedding function. In his yard are four players with four tokens. Each player rolls the dice one by one and moves on the number of blocks as the dice consist. At the very beginning, the token must be removed from Yard 6 on the dice. Once you get 6 on the Ludo 2 dice. You can take your token out of the yard and start the race. Whenever you get 6, you can already get out of the token or someone else out of the yard. After rolling a six, you will get a bonus to turn to roll the dice again. After three 6s, your turn is canceled.

Main Features OF Ludo Star 2

  • You will get six acquisitions in a row.
  • AutoPilot mode allows you to play auto-play when it’s your turn.
  • God mode that will help you win the game.
  • Unlimited Coins and Gems.
  • Free advertising.
  • Avoid opportunities for other players.

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