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Zuma Deluxe For PC. The Game Zuma Deluxe is an arcade puzzle game for PC Windows. In this post, I will share the complete detail of Zuma Deluxe for PC. Zuma Deluxe is the hardest Popcap game I’ve ever played and a lot of fun. This is a casual puzzle game that starts easily but increases the difficulty at the right pace. Overall, this is a very fun, very clean, puzzle game, great for the whole family. The initial stage of this game is very simple, but if you are already logged in at a high stage, this game will bother you if it is not noticed. The playing is very simple, the player moves a statue of a frog in the middle of the area to throw colored balls and combine them with another ball, and if the balls are mixed into three pieces of the same color he gets a score.

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About Zuma Deluxe For PC

The Zuma Deluxe For Windows is a straightforward game. It is easy to play on your computer. In fact, it is so addictive that its version is also available for mobile and Microsoft Windows.

You control a frog in the middle of the screen that defends a hole that a group of balls is trying to reach, and your goal is to throw colored balls that come close to you and the hole. When you make groups of three or more, they will burst and you have to avoid them to reach the hole and kill your frog.

Zuma Deluxe For PC offers two different modes of gameplay. Adventure mode is available first. This mode takes you through the various levels and temples offered by the game, which is unlocked for Gauntlet Mode after knocking. Gauntlet mode has gameplay similar to adventure mode but with some modifications. Instead of advancing on levels, you choose only one group to play.

Main Features Of Zuma Deluxe

  • 3D high-speed graphics and effects.
  • Great voices and tribal melodies.
  • Discover adventure mode and test your abilities in Gauntlet mode.
  • More than 20 temples to discover!



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