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Inpage 2012 Free Download. Inpage 2009 is Urdu writing software designed for Windows operating systems. Inpage 2012 is famous Urdu software that is being used in Pakistan. In this post, I have tried to provide you with the best Inpage Urdu software to write Urdu. With the help of this software, you can write Urdu on your personal computer and make Urdu posts for Facebook also. We have tried to save time for the Pakistani people.

Inpage 2012 Free Download

Why to Inpage Urdu 2009 Professional

As you know that we only use this Inpage Urdu 2009 just to write documents or news in the Urdu/Arabic language but also we can write a lot of good documents or anything. We can use the Hindi language and Pashto and others related in this Inpage 2012 for free.

My Opinion about Inpage Urdu 2012

With Inpage 2012,0 you have lastly discovered the program that brings together the power and versatility of PC posting with the calligraphic attractiveness of the Nastaliq program. There is a lot of software that is being used for writing Urdu. Inpage 2012 Professional is the latest version of Urdu writing software. Many new fonts have been added to it. Noori Nastalique is famous use and often used font is being used in Urdu blogs, Magazines, and Books. On our website, we offer direct links to Urdu software, and our website users can save time by a direct download link. I hope you will like this post and will come again for downloading the Inpage software. In the end, I say that the main aim is to save time and provide you with a direct download Link.


Nastaliq Font

Nastaliq font is first made as a computerized typeface (textual style) in 1981 through the coordinated effort of Mirza Ahmad Jamil. There are many fonts on in page but Nori Nastaliq is the most popular font among the user of this software. Most users of  Inpage Urdu only use Nastaliq font for Urdu newspapers, Test papers, and other important purposes.

Inpage Layout and Design

Urdu Inpage software is well-designed & easy to use for users. Most people like this version of Inpage because this version is well-designed and its the latest feature and tools.

Printing In Inpage 2012

Inpage has also a great tool to print documents. If you want to print a document you can definitely print it in Inpage 2012 software but you can print only inpage extension documents. If you try to print another extension document to print in the Inpage file extension support error will appear.

Image Tools In Inpage
  • Image Rotating
  • Adjustment
  • Images preview before saving.
  • Quran Publishing System (QPS) Version 3.60 is available with Search Quranic text feature new.
  • Automatic Kerning and Kashish feature in Nastaliq text to give a calligrapher-style outlook.
  • More than 60 Unicode Naskh Fonts.
  • Direct Unicode Support with other software.
  • Muhammadi Quranic font is added. Export Urdu text in RTF format.


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